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This issue marks the tenth anniversary of the Journal of Space Philosophy. As such, it focuses on both retrospective and prospective articles, while still including other material. The first article, by Gordon Arthur, focuses on the development of the journal and what was happening behind the scenes. Then, Frank White looks at the development of space philosophy over the last decade. Madhu Thangavelu looks at the spiritual imperative for human space activity, and Grace Jones offers a short history of faith in the American space age.

Moving to the prospective articles, John Mankins offers a view of the evolving markets for space-based solar power, Rebecca Schembri traces the rise of the Chinese space program, Mark Wagner et al. explore K12 education in space, Izzy House examines marketing in space, and Priyanka Das Rajkakati discusses art in space. Finally, Michael Goff discusses the urgency of space migration and Nick Nielsen asks whether space philosophy can even be considered a distinct subject.

We are grateful to all our contributors to date for their work, and we look forward to continuing to publish new articles in the years ahead. We always welcome papers from existing and new contributors.


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Thank you for your interest in the contributing to the Journal of Space Philosophy published by Kepler Space Institute. Please use this form to submit your article for consideration. Before uploading your document please use the following template to ensure that your document is formated properly, using Chicago style footnotes for citations. You may also wish to review past editions of the JSP for freely available online.

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Journal of Space Philosophy

Journal of Space Philosophy

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