Masters Degrees

The Master of Science (M.S.) Degree Programs feature coursework, research training, and collaborations with faculty in a research-led culture emphasizing rigor, creativity & innovation. Students will join industry leaders to help guide the sustainable development of Space, and with the support of commercial and international partners will conduct impactful research in space-related fields to enable human expansion from Earth to Space.

Graduate Certificates

Online programs focusing on Interdisciplinary Space Studies, KSI provides specialized graduate certificates for those aiming to excel in the space industry. Our flexible programs offer theoretical knowledge and practical experiences, tailored to your interests. Learn from renowned faculty, explore new frontiers, and gain skills and credentials to advance your career.

Space Education

Address the needs of a rapidly evolving space industry, experience space programs equipping the leaders of tomorrow with the knowledge and know-how needed to successfully navigate change and growing space industry. Our comprehensive courses and workshops cover space technology, human spaceflight, and mission operations. Led by industry professionals, to support research and development of the human exploration and migration to space. Unleash your potential and let’s go beyond boldly!

Kepler Scholars

Explore Your Full Potential! The Kepler Scholars Program is looking for scholars to support R&D supporting the expansion of human civilization from Earth to Space. We are recruiting exceptional people with a passion for space exploration. We provide education in science, engineering, or space education and to develop new knowledge and experience in pioneering fields of research related to human living and working in space.

Space Research

KSI aims to cultivate transformative impact on society through continuous innovation in education and research, with a shared commitment among all members of its community to promote the reverence for life and principles of equal opportunity, equity, and justice. We are dedicated to fostering an open and collaborative culture, providing students an experiential learning experience combining practical skills and rigorous academic study in a diverse and inclusive environment. We seek to build a better world through empowerment, vigilant protection of individual human rights and freedom of expression and inquiry.

Training & Development

Discover new ideas and experiences, space education for the builders of tomorrow, short courses up to 6 weeks focused on human space exploration. Delve into space settlements, lunar missions, Mars habitats, and beyond. Led by space innovators & experts, these programs provide in-depth knowledge & insights into the future of humanity in space. Enroll now to expand your understanding and contribute to open the next frontiers.