About Kepler

Kepler Space University is dedicated to the expansion of human civilization from Earth into space. We believe this is necessary, both to acquire resources – based on the Law of Space Abundance to provide the fundamental needs of preserving peace and prosperity for humankind on this planet – and to extend life through our solar system and beyond.

Our name honors Johannes Kepler, whose findings on planetary motion in the early 17th Century formed the basis for the scientific discipline he called “celestial physics.” Our aim is to support research, human space exploration and development of space resources through sustainable and responsible stewardship.

Kepler Space University

Mission & Vision

“The diversity of phenomena of nature is so great, the treasures hidden in the heavens so rich, precisely in order that the human mind shall never be lacking in fresh nourishment.” – Johannes Kepler

Who we are

The KSU faculty members include experienced scientists, space engineers, professors, managers, experts in space law and policy, and an international collection of researchers in technical and non-technical space-related fields, all who will personalize courses and programs for scholars’career needs within the expanding global Space Community to address the challenges of the 21st Century.


Kepler Space University will cultivate transformative impact on society through continuous innovation in education and research, with a shared commitment among all members of its community to promote the reverence for life and principles of equal opportunity, equity, and justice.

We are dedicated to fostering an open and collaborative culture, providing students an experiential learning experience combining practical skills and rigorous academic study in a diverse and inclusive environment. We seek to build a better world through empowerment, vigilant protection of individual human rights and freedom of expression and inquiry.


The mission of Kepler Space University is to benefit society and advance human knowledge and expertise. The University is dedicated to the expansion of human civilization from Earth to Space. KSI is committed to discovery, preservation and dissemination of knowledge, educating the next generation of leaders, and the development of space exploration, commercialization, and settlement.

Our Academic Vision


Meeting the needs for the future on Earth and in Space with dreams and skills of global scholars.


Our programs are designed with flexibility, accessibility and experiential learning in mind. Discover a unique experiential learning experience, that extends beyond boundaries, bridging students’ academic studies and professional aspirations in the aerospace industry.

Our Values:

  • INTEGRITY – in the pursuit, discovery, preservation and dissemination of knowledge

  • FREEDOM – of expression and inquiry

  • RESPECT – for cultural diversity

  • STEWARDSHIP – of social, economic, and environmental sustainability

  • RESPONSIBILITY – for global citizenship and service to society