Partnering for Impact

Kepler Space University is a private university specializing in higher education, and the development and delivery of programs in support of human space exploration. Founded in 2012, KSU, has been serving the Community with space research programs publicized through the Journal of Space Philosophy. KSU has a vision for helping deserving students to pursue their education. Our students will join industry leaders to help guide the sustainable development of Space and with the support of commercial and international partners will create employment opportunities and enhance the expertise of global citizens to the benefit society.

Kepler Space University will cultivate transformative impact on society through continuous innovation in education and research, with a shared commitment among all members of its community to promote the reverence for life and principles of equal opportunity, equity, and justice.

We are dedicated to fostering an open and collaborative culture, providing students an experiential learning experience combining practical skills and rigorous academic study in a diverse and inclusive environment. We seek to build a better world through empowerment, vigilant protection of individual human rights and freedom of expression and inquiry.


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Building Bridges

Transforming Trajectories

At KeplerU, we believe that creating a positive and lasting impact on society requires collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment to change. Our “Partnering for Impact” initiative embodies this philosophy, bringing together diverse stakeholders to address global challenges, drive social progress, and make a difference in the lives of individuals and communities.

Recruit a Student or Graduate

Our students are eager to apply their knowledge to real-world problems and can help address the needs of your organization. Partner organizations can access our students and alumni for internships, placements, co-ops and to hire them as employees. Research projects connect commercial space, non-profits, start-ups, government agencies and businesses with student teams to work on open-ended and complex projects that aim to make a real impact. Organizations can pitch projects, mentor students and provide additional support.

Access our Research & Knowledge

KeplerU focuses on the translation of research results to better inform public policy and professional practice. The creation of partnerships between academia, community organizations and government enables the parties to address and solve problems relevant to today’s society.

Our team can help:

  • Identify academic collaborators for community-based research projects and student research internships, to solve real-world problems experienced in society
  • Support with government funding applications (where there is an academic collaboration in place) and developing knowledge mobilization strategies for applications
  • Provide training on knowledge mobilization strategies and tools

Access our Expertise

KeplerU helps facilitate and maximize the commercial, economic, and social impacts of research and innovation. Whether you are a large corporation, an ambitious SME, or a non-profit with an eye for innovation, a partnership with Kepler Space University can have a significant impact on your organization. From offering business and technical solutions to utilizing KSU’s best and brightest students for co-op and internship programs, we can help you achieve your objectives and anticipate future challenges.

Why Partner with Kepler?

Partnering for Exploration

COLLABORATE WITH LEADING EXPERTS When you partner with Kepler, you gain access to some of the brightest minds and leading experts across various disciplines. Our esteemed faculty members and researchers are passionate about finding innovative solutions to complex problems.

ADDRESS GLOBAL CHALLENGES Our commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond the boundaries of our campus. Through strategic partnerships, we tackle pressing global challenges, such as climate change, public health, education inequality, and sustainable development of space.

AMPLIFY YOUR IMPACT Together, we can achieve more. Through partnerships, we combine resources, expertise, and networks to scale up our collective impact, reaching farther and making a lasting difference.

FOSTER INNOVATION  At Kepler, innovation is at the core of everything we do. By collaborating with external partners, we foster a dynamic environment that encourages the exchange of ideas, spurs creativity, and accelerates progress.

How We Collaborate

Partnering for Change

RESEARCH PARTNERSHIPS We actively seek research collaborations with industry leaders, NGOs, governmental organizations, and other universities to address fundamental questions and drive new discoveries on Earth and in Space.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT Our “Partnering for Impact” initiative extends to the communities we serve. Through community partnerships, service-learning programs, and outreach activities, we work hand in hand with local stakeholders to create positive change at the grassroots level.

CORPORATE PARTNERSHIPS We believe in the power of public-private partnerships to drive innovation and address societal challenges. By partnering with corporations, we leverage each other’s strengths to achieve mutual goals.

GLOBAL NETWORKS Kepler is part of a global network of universities and organizations dedicated to making a difference worldwide. Through international partnerships, we share knowledge and best practices to have a broader impact.

Join Us in Creating a Better Future

Partnering for Innovation

Our collaborative approach aims to create positive and meaningful change in education, research, social initiatives, environmental sustainability, and long-term impact. Join our strategic partnerships between public and private organizations, institutions, governments, and communities to leverage their collective resources, expertise, and networks to benefit life on Earth and in Space.

Are you passionate about making a positive impact on the world? If you share our vision and are interested in collaborating with Kepler, we invite you to reach out to our partnership team. Together, we can create meaningful change and shape a better future for generations to come.

Contact us at [email protected] or fill out our partnership interest form here to start the conversation.

Join us in making a lasting difference. Partner with Kepler for impact to build better worlds for all.

Accelerating Impact

Develop Your Team

The space industry moves at a fast pace. We make it easier for you to keep up by helping recruit, retain, upskill and reskill your most valuable asset – people.

Space Education

  • Develop innovative space education programs, empowering the next generation of space explorers, scientists, engineers, and astronauts.
  • Participate in joint outreach activities to inspire young minds about space and its vast potential for scientific discovery and technological advancements.
  • Join our  community, sharing best practices, pedagogical approaches, and research findings to elevate the quality of space education and scholarship.

Training & Development

  • Collaborate on workforce development programs tailored to the specific needs of your organization, ensuring a skilled and agile workforce that can drive innovation and productivity.
  • Explore internship and apprenticeship opportunities for students, providing them with real-world experiences while contributing to your organization’s talent pipeline.
  • Give your organization a competitive edge with professional courses. Kepler will work with you to support the people driving change within your organization.